Winter 2018

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The Current State Of Freight

Five years ago, only a fraction of shipping companies’ forklifts had certified scales on them. Today it is rare to tour a national carrier terminal where 100 percent of its equipment does not have certified scales on board. These companies have also invested in laser scanners and have internal directives to spot-check 8 to 12 percent of all freight for re-weigh and re-class issues. And, if the computer recognizes your company as a “repeat offender,” your freight will be flagged for inspections every time.


Auto recyclers have always known that their businesses help the environment. Now a scientific study has proven it.


Lead batteries continue to be a recycling success story in the United States and abroad. In fact, according to a National Recycling Rate Study commissioned by Battery Council International (BCI) in 2017, more than 99 percent of lead batteries are recycled. This is equivalent to about 12 billion pounds of lead batteries recycled in a four-year period.


In the southeastern corner of Missouri, in the part of the state that resembles a boot heel, you’ll find the last of the agricultural tractor recycling start-ups. Named for the location’s unique shape on the map, Bootheel Tractor Parts was started by Shawn Archie in 1999 out of a shop at his house. Fast forward 18 years, and Bootheel is a thriving business employing 22, and occupying a 100,000-square-foot warehouse and dismantling bay in a town of 3,000 known as East Prairie.

New Year, New Sales Strategies

Motivation is the key to having a successful sales department. Your staff can be motivated by building trust, setting goals and offering incentives like contests and monetary rewards. Sales staff can also be motivated by inspirational speakers.


Spend just a few minutes with David Gold, and you can’t help but admire his energy and enthusiasm. It’s what has helped to propel this highly respected and seasoned recycler to the helm of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), where he earned the title of president this past November. Currently, David is Executive Vice President and President of Fenix Parts Canada. Like many others, he grew up in the industry, and now he’s fully prepared to give back. We spent 15 minutes with David recently to find out what’s in store during his term.
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