Engage Your Customers Through Email Marketing

Consumers are bombarded with 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages each day, according to experts. Growing your customer base, generating sales and building loyalty in the crowded marketplace can be challenging for any business, including auto recyclers.  

It’s essential to deliver the right information at the right time to the right people, and e-mail blasts are an easy, cost-effective tool to manage those messages. But, while most promotional efforts send e-mails at a time pre-determined by the advertiser, drip campaigns personalize the message and timing based on the consumer’s actions.  

Drip campaigns offer more options than standard blast e-mails. Rather than being delivered on the sender’s schedule, messages are sent based on a recipient’s actions, often targeting consumers early in the process and continuing after an initial purchase is made. But even though they’re sent at differing intervals, drip campaign e-mails can still be pre-written and automated. 

Popular e-mail services including Constant Contact, Mailchimp Zoho Campaigns and many others offer integrations to help create and manage drip campaigns.   

The success rate for drip campaigns is astonishingly high, too. According to Martech Zone, drip campaigns generate about three times as many click-throughs when compared to other marketing e-mails.  

Digital Marketing Company, fishbat, recently discussed how the automotive industry can benefit from drip marketing campaigns to nudge prospective buyers to become loyal clients. 

fishbat suggests that sending out relevant, targeted emails to customers that are already considering or have considered purchasing a product or service will raise the probability that a sale is made. Since most automotive industry customers are already online prior to setting foot within an actual location, the best way to promote a sale effectively would be to catch them in this specific stage. 

The objective of the campaign could be anything from making a sale, encouraging repeat sales, creating awareness for additional services offered, promoting a special or generating positive online reviews.  

Setting specific triggers will help ensure the desired result is achieved. Triggers might include things such as a visitor signing up for a newsletter, spending a longer-than-average amount of time on the site without making a purchase, or leaving an abandoned shopping cart.  

According to fishbat, drip campaigns could be created for all these situations, attempting to entice the customer to go through with their purchase or even promote a new sale entirely. Messages might come in the form of a reminder e-mail that a customer has left something in their cart, or an offer to help if the visitor didn’t find what they were initially searching for. 

Recyclers can tailor the campaigns to other specific targets as well. Maybe a shop regularly purchases engines from your business, or you have a customer restoring a vintage vehicle. E-mails could target those customers when new inventory arrives that meet their specific needs.  

Drip campaigns are an easy and effective way to solidify a transaction that otherwise may not have been guaranteed, explained fishbat. “The automotive industry takes advantage of this technique and puts it to great use, producing welcome emails, after-sale check-ins, and even sporadic weekly emails that direct a previous customer's attention to different parts or services. Overall, the benefits of drip marketing are seen wholeheartedly within the automotive industry and are being utilized to the fullest extent in order to achieve maximum sales and success.” 

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