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The Locator UpFront recently published an article that described how Facebook is slowly decreasing its organic reaches ( A study tracked the percentage of organic reaches - those posts the come up on a user’s News Feed - over five months. It found Facebook has been steadily reducing its organic, from 12 percent last October, down to six in February. Leaving little doubt that the number of future organic reaches will be zero. Companies will now have to work harder than ever to make sure their content is seen. An article in Time ( addressed this concern and came up with eight different ways to get posts seen on Facebook.

Target Your Posts.

Facebook has options that allow Page administrators to adjust posts to target users based on age, gender, location, relationship status, etc. For example a back to school tune up special could be targeted to high school and college-age users. These settings can be found under the “Edit Page” drop down menu in a Page’s administrative panel.

Use Photos.

The article also suggested that original photos can enhance audience engagement and reach. Posting photos of employees or customers (with permission) can lead to tags and shares from other Facebook users who know them. Be aware that photos of stock images with funny or dramatic text (meme photos) are not considered by Facebook to be “high quality” content.

Start A Conversation.

Similarly to tagging a photo, ask fans questions to engage users. “Have you ever used recycled parts?” “How much did you pay for your last engine?” Answers to these questions can get pulled into other users’ feeds. Also, like, comment on or share a post from another friend or Page.

Be Engaging.

Make posts count. Don’t spam a Page with posts that no one likes or comments on. The better the post, i.e. it receives heavy user engagement, the more Facebook will allow it to resurface.

Cross-Promote With Other Pages.

Mention other products or companies and possibly show up on the News Feeds of users that may not know your company. “Thanks for the speedy parts delivery A Auto Recycling.” Time stated that Facebook added this feature in February, but stressed cross-promotions have to make logical sense in order to earn extra reach.

Post On A Trending Topic.

Twitter users are familiar with trending topics, now Facebook has introduced this to its site. These topics can be seen on the right-side of the page. Click on any of these topics and see who is sharing, commenting or liking them. If the topic is relevant to the industry, General Motors recalls for example, consider joining the conversation or providing a useful link.

Post At Specific Times.

Posting at odd hours, times that are either very early, or late, may better capture the audience you’re targeting. Auto recyclers, for example, are usually in the yard or at the counter during the day, so morning is best to catch them on the computer.

An Adobe report found that Fridays are the best day to post. Fridays earn about 15.7 percent of each week’s total posts impressions, with Thursday being the next most active day. That makes sense considering most of us tend to “check out” on Friday afternoons and concentrate on weekend activities. The report showed users also engage with brands more actively on Fridays. This especially includes video with one-fourth of all video plays occurring on Friday. By contrast, Adobe data found posts perform the worst on Sundays. Follow the points above for posting smart, effective content, post on a Friday and there could be the opportunity to score big and have it show up in front of many users.

The last key is to buy an ad. This ensures posts will show up on News Feeds. That may be Facebook’s plan all along, considering organic reaches have been steadily decreasing. But, according to Time, the more Page fans, the bigger discount Facebook offers for ads.

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