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And How States Are Using It
NMVTIS is growing in use and activity. According to AAMVA (the group that operates and manages the NMVTIS database), 96 percent of all the vehicles in the United States are represented in the database. There are a few states that are not contributing data to the database but this year grants have been given to these states, so they should be contributing data in the near future.
2018.06.14 05:06 PM

An Interview with a Metallurgist

“What you don’t know is hurting your bottom line.”
Edmund Schwenk is a Metallurgist and CEO of PGM Recovery Systems, Inc. For more than 30 years, he has been engaged in the processing/refining/manufacturing of precious metals. Schwenk shared his insight about precious metals and converter recycling in today’s market.
2018.06.14 05:01 PM

Scrap Metal Prices "Peaking"

For those doing some cleaning, the old, nonworking metallic items in the discard pile might be worth something. Local salvage yards are reporting the price of scrap metal is up nearly 50 percent in the past few months.
2018.06.14 04:51 PM

U.S. Federal Trade Commission Warns Automakers About Part Use Statements

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) stated that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) staff sent warning letters to six major companies including Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) that market and sell automobiles, cellular devices and video gaming systems in the United States.
2018.05.06 09:01 AM

Rhode Island Legislation Would Expand Restrictions On Non-OEM Parts

Legislation introduced in the Rhode Island Senate would expand the time frame and extend restriction on the use of non-OEM parts to any part damaged in a collision, not just body parts. The bill also seeks to prohibit insurers from requiring a repairer to use a collision repair procedure not recommended by vehicle manufacturers. The bill would also remove language in current law specifying that the restriction only applies to first-party claims.
2018.05.06 08:52 AM

Built To Dismantle

How the KOBELCO SK210D is Redefining the Task of Auto Dismantling
Sure, you could dismantle four to five cars a day by hand. Or, you could process up to 70 a day with the raw power and delicate precision of the KOBELCO SK210D. That’s what Texas Auto Salvage of San Antonio is doing. The company purchased its first SK210D in October 2017 and quickly ordered a second unit one month later.
2018.05.06 08:37 AM

1953 Skylark Prices Flying North

1953 Buick Skylarks have had a pretty wild time on the auction block in the last six months. On Nov. 4, 2017, we reported that a blue 1953 Skylark deep into No. 5 territory and loaded with raccoon excrement, rust and potential sold for $25,500 in eastern Wisconsin. One month later, in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Neil Young sold his red 1953 Buick Skylark, reportedly the first on off the line, for an astounding $400,000 on Dec. 9. Both of these sales were off the charts.
2018.04.10 07:52 AM

Save Money. Buy Used Auto Parts

Professional repairers, do-it-yourselfers or just the average vehicle owner will all have to repair their vehicles at some point. Using recycling auto parts for these repairs makes economic sense, with the added benefit of saving the planet.
2018.04.10 07:35 AM

U.S. Senate Auto Caucus Briefing on Sustainability

A coalition of leading vehicle battery manufacturers, recyclers, retailers and users dedicated to the responsible manufacturing, use and reuse of vehicle batteries launched an initiative to recover 2 million more batteries with the goal of achieving a recycling rate of 100 percent. The campaign, called the 2 Million Battery Challenge, is an effort to engage consumers to bring their used vehicle batteries to the nearest participating auto parts retailer to have them properly recycled.
2018.03.06 05:57 AM

Sellick Opens New Manufacturing Facility

Sellick Equipment Limited recently cut the ribbon on an all-new $21 million dollar manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art technology to maintain Sellick as a leader in the rough terrain forklift market.
2018.03.06 05:53 AM
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    And How States Are Using It
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MoreBenefits of Used Parts

Classic Parts Locator

A New Way To Search For Classic Parts And Cars
The classic vehicle restoration marketplace is the biggest it has ever been. According to Money.CNN.com, auction sales of collector cars passed $1 billion in 2013. Owners are also spending big money to restore and / or upkeep their vehicles. SecondChanceGarage.com stated owners spend nearly $1.9 billion a year on classic vehicle restorations.

Colorado Auto & Parts Featured On Jay Leno’s Garage

Colorado Auto & Parts’ Plymouth Air Radial Truck, or P.A.R.T., was recently featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, www.nbc.com/jay-lenos-garage, a web-based show featuring the former Tonight Show host.

Save Money, Time & The Environment

Buy Recycled Auto Parts
The Locator Magazine has helped auto recyclers sell used auto and truck parts since 1957. The Locator believes in this industry - which generates $22 billion in sales per year, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) - and is a strong proponent of the use of recycled auto parts in as many collision and mechanical repairs as possible. It’s an easy decision to make. Recycled auto parts save money, time and are an environmentally-sound purchase.
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MoreModern Auto Recyclers


Greg Weaver Opens Two Florida Locations
Greg Weaver is finally back at home. Weaver grew up in Florida and lived there until 2009, when he moved north to help his father, Bill Weaver, grow All Metal Auto Recycling, a business they co-own in Danville, Va. The father-son team also co-owns Weaver Industrial Equipment, also located in Danville.

Green Disposal

A look At The Future Of Auto Recycling
Today’s marketplace of vehicles is comprised of an electric array of makes and models from various beleaguered manufacturers around the world. No matter where or how they are constructed, these vehicles will eventually reach the end of their useful lives.

On Alert

Florida Recycler Gets The Word Out About Takata Airbags
Tim McMillon wants to spread the word about the Takata airbag recall – even if it means talking to just one Honda driver at a time. Tim McMillon wants to spread the word about the Takata airbag recall – even if it means talking to just one Honda driver at a time. McMillon, the President and CEO of M & K Used Auto Parts, Inc., in Orange City, Fla., said that whenever he sees someone driving a Honda – usually a customer at his yard – he’ll ask if they’ve checked to see if there is a recall on the vehicle’s airbag.
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More »Industry News

PartsTrader Releases Pricing Bulletin For 2014

PartsTrader released it 2014 fee schedule on December 1, 2013. The web-based collision replacement parts market program lists OEM, aftermarket, remanufactured, specialized and recycled automotive parts suppliers for collision repairers that need replacement parts.

Public Pool

Unregulated Buyers Have No Effect On Sale Price In Salvage Pools
There were fewer than 100 industry advocates in the room the day we realized that the “public” in the salvage pool was not really John Q Public at all. Th e public would mean a person who was buying a vehicle for personal use, a soccer mom or perhaps a laborer who needed a truck to haul his tools. But in reality, the folks buying salvage vehicles at the auction were there to acquire parts cars and rebuilders to sell to a consumer for personal use. That sounds like the definition of a small business owner buying goods for resale.

Arnott Air Suspension Releases 2014 Product Catalog

Arnott Inc. has released its 2014 product catalog. The new catalog provides detailed information on over 260 air suspension replacement products including new product offerings for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and more. The 36-page catalog features Arnott’s entire product line broken down by application and provides part numbers correlated by year and model.

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