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Fenix Parts to Acquire Cox Truck and Van

Fenix Parts is set to acquire the assets of Cox Truck and Van, Inc. Cox operates a full-service auto recycling facility in Gainesville, GA and both full-service and self-service facilities in Moultrie, GA.
2019.08.02 01:01 PM

Copart Opens a New Location in Hartford, Connecticut

Copart, Inc. (NASDAQ:CPRT), a global online vehicle auction company, opened a new location in Hartford, Connecticut. This location was formerly Hartford-Springfield Auto Auction. This is Copart’s second location in the state.
2019.08.02 01:01 PM

Solera Creates Revolutionary Auto Research and Training Center

Solera Holdings, Inc.’s training center will showcase an innovative blend of both industry research and expert training. CESVI LIV NA will feature the latest repair and maintenance tools, equipment and processes for U.S. automotive and insurance industries.
2019.07.08 08:45 AM

Nexcel Makes Oil Changes Quick, Smart and Simple

The Nexcel oil cell, an easy-to-change unit containing both engine oil and filter delivers superior engine performance and improved environmental sustainability. The new technology allows your oil to be changed in around 90 seconds, more than 13 times faster than a conventional oil change of 20 minutes.
2019.07.08 08:45 AM

ELV Project Proves Viable Market for Recycled Plastics from Autos

The ELV Project was designed to study the viability of collecting and recycling plastic car parts, including car bumpers, to eventually be broken down and used as materials to make new products. The results from the ELV Project indicate that there is technology and a market to recycle plastic from vehicles
2019.07.08 08:45 AM


Stop Scrapping Valuable Wheels
Hollander’s new app, WheelSpotter quickly identifies a wheel’s Hollander Interchange number to determine whether that wheel should be sold to a scrapper or a remanufacturer.
2019.06.20 01:12 PM

Hollander Identifies Wheels With Just A Photo

The WheelSpotter app identifies a wheel’s Hollander Interchange number using only a photo. The WheelSpotter app runs on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It applies machine learning (artificial intelligence) and advanced filtering to sort through 12,000 OEM wheels to determine the Hollander Interchange number of your wheel.
2019.06.03 11:47 AM

3rd Eye Digital Tools Provide Critical Safety and Operational Support to Towing Industry

3rd Eye cameras and their robust backroom cloud-based software analytics are beginning to make their presence known in the towing industry, and according to Carolina Towing owner Frank Mishoe, it couldn't happen fast enough.
2019.06.03 11:47 AM

Sandhills Global Announces New Collector Car Facts Website, Powered by HiBid.com

Sandhills Global, the tech company behind AuctionTime, Auction Flex, HiBid and Equipmentfacts, announces the launch of the new Collector Car Facts website, CollectorCarFacts.com, serving the car collector auction
2019.06.03 11:47 AM

Copart Announces 2019 Rebuild Challenge

The Copart Rebuild Challenge is a contest for car enthusiasts and automotive rebuilders around the United States to show how they have restored, customized or rebuilt a vehicle of their choice.
2019.06.03 11:47 AM
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MoreBenefits of Used Parts

Automakers Celebrate Recycling Programs

It’s not just auto recyclers that tout the benefits of reduce, reuse, recycle … auto manufactures also understand the benefits of using recycled parts and recycling materials for their vehicles.

Hollander Helps eBay Customers Buy Used Parts

Today’s consumers are increasingly careful with how they spend their money and how their purchases affect the environment. Using recycled auto parts to fix your vehicle, instead of buying new parts, doesn’t just make sense economically but it makes sense also in doing your part as a consumer to protect the environment.

Using Recycled Parts Is Not A Crime!

Lawsuit Against West Virginia Body Shop Dismissed
To state that a recycled auto part is essentially an aftermarket part is to not understand the industry whatsoever. A West Virginia judge agreed, dismissing a 2011 lawsuit that was based on the fact that recycled auto parts are the same as aftermarket parts, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).
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MoreModern Auto Recyclers

Cover To Cover

Catching Up With 1996’s Cover Greg Freeman
Twenty years ago the country was plagued by partisan politics, President Clinton was in the White House, email was a new way to communicate and the Locator UpFront printed its very first issue.


Natchez Salvage & Parts Offers It All
It’s not unusual for auto recycling facilities to offer more than just used parts. But Bubba Kaiser and Stephen Edwards, co-owners of Natchez Salvage & Parts, in Natchez, Miss., take diversification to the next level. Their facility boasts a self-service facility, repair shop, car lot and scrap scales, along with its full-service side.

Since 1956

Johnson’s Auto Wrecking Thrives For Three Generations
Some auto recyclers find success by specializing and cornering a small niche. Johnson’s Auto Wrecking has found success by taking exactly the opposite approach.
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HollanderParts.com Now Live

HollanderParts.com is now open for business. Hollander Parts.com is an online parts search powered by Hollander, Inc., based in Plymouth, Minn. and part of Solera Holdings, Inc., and its network of 157 million parts in its EDEN database. The company announced its plans to launch the site in August 2012.


Auto Parts City Fights To Modernize Its Facility
When Auto Parts City, Inc. relocated to its new location across the street, it was a major victory that was years in the making. The auto recycling facility had battled two municipalities, and many complaints, to get there.

Save Money. Buy Used Auto Parts

Professional repairers, do-it-yourselfers or just the average vehicle owner will all have to repair their vehicles at some point. Using recycling auto parts for these repairs makes economic sense, with the added benefit of saving the planet.

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