April 2014

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ARA Urges Auto Manufacturers To Be Better Economic, Environmental And Safety Partners By Providing Important Automotive Parts Data

At the recent 14th International Automotive Recyclers Congress in Brussels, Belgium, Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) CEO Michael E. Wilson urged the automotive manufacturing community to provide professional automotive recyclers with access to crucial original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts data.

In his March 20 presentation to the Congress, Wilson called on the automotive manufacturers in attendance “to become better economic, environmental and safety partners by releasing OEM build sheet data to the professional automotive industry’s inventory management entities, just as they do for insurance companies and the collision repair industry.”

Regrettably, he noted that “auto manufacturers have placed major restrictions on the dissemination of this data so that it cannot be integrated into professional automotive recyclers’ inventory management systems. Wilson described the domino effect that this lack of data has on consumers. “Without this important data about the parts that OEMs originally manufactured, professional automotive recyclers are not able to seamlessly integrate their OEM parts inventory into estimating and collision repair platforms and consumers will have fewer choices when making important decisions about the repair of their vehicles.”

The current focus on automotive recalls highlights Wilson’s emphasis on the necessity of vehicle manufacturers making parts information available to the industry. Several media outlets are reporting this week that General Motors may have committed “a cardinal sin” with regards to the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion when it re-engineered the vehicles’ faulty ignition switch, but did not create a new part number. This unusual deviation from the industry’s standard practices hampered identifying the safety issue for several years. Wilson said this example highlights why detailed part information must be made available to professional automotive recyclers. “The industry must be provided with safety information that can be automatically synchronized with recycled parts inventory so that important recall and service bulletin information is seamlessly integrated into the inventory management systems utilized by the automotive recycling industry.”

Important data including original equipment guides (OEG) lists and regular production option (RPO) codes, which detail the particular equipment packages and option combinations for a particular vehicle, is critical to the professional automotive recycling community. “Without access to this information it is difficult to map specific part numbers to the build sheet of a vehicle and because of these restrictions by the OEMs, consumers are often deprived of the ability to purchase cost-effective OEM recycled parts,” said Wilson.

“Given the supply of recycled parts, restricting access to data is just bad economic and environmental policy”, Wilson stated. He asked attendees of the Congress to consider that from the day a vehicle is driven off a new car dealership’s lot for the very first time - that vehicle is a “used” vehicle; likewise every part on the vehicle is then “used”. Whether an accident happens in the first 25 miles or 25,000 to 50,000 miles later, the undamaged OEM parts and components on those vehicles have significant economic and environmental value. Consumers have a right to the economic and environmental benefits of these OEM parts and the barriers and obstacles to their reutilization must be eliminated.

Wilson concluded his remarks by challenging his global audience to join in the effort to obtain parts data from manufacturers and to encourage the OEMs to partner with professional automotive recyclers who promote the reuse of the parts that the OEMs initially brought to the marketplace.

Electric Guard Dog Climbs The SD&I Fast 50 Rankings Of Security Integrators

Electric Guard Dog climbed 11 spaces up the rankings of the Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine’s annual list of America’s Fastest 50 Growing Systems Integrator. Electric Guard Dog moved from 49 in 2012 to 38 in 2013.

Electric Guard Dog has been the proven market leader in electric security fences in the United States for almost 25 years.

CEO Jack DeMao commented, “Growth in our base as the market leader in electric fences has had a domino effect on our role as an integrator. Historically, our biggest challenge had always been raising awareness of our product. Much of that changed in 2013, when we tripled our outside sales staff. Hiring and training of the new staff was completed just as new statistics were released regarding record highs in cargo theft and geometric growth in copper theft. The increased awareness combined with higher demand proved combustive: we’ve had to double the size of many of our departments, including inside sales staff, installations, customer service and field service, to ensure we can continue to provide the same great service for our existing customers.”

Electric Guard Dog, the number one theft deterrent service in the United States, is the market leader in electric security fences and perimeter security in the country. A security partner for 3,000-plus commercial and industrial locations across the United States, they protect businesses from cargo theft and copper theft, provide a safer work environment for employees, while reducing total security costs.

ARA Educational Foundation Announces 2014 Catalytic Converter Donation Program

Professional automotive recyclers are invited to participate in “Ed U Cat,” a unique fundraising effort to benefit the Automotive Recyclers Association Educational Foundation (ARAEF). ARAEF serves as the arm of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) that keeps industry professionals trained, educated, and compliant in the premier industry that is dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts, and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.

Utilizing the Ed U Cat Catalytic Converter Recycling Donation Program, automotive recyclers can elect to donate the proceeds of one or more catalytic converters to ARAEF. Gifts of any size make a tremendous impact on the ability to serve automotive recyclers. With the help of generous supporters of the Ed U Cat Catalytic Converter Recycling Donation Program, ARAEF can continue to provide new and improved training courses, as well as develop innovative educational platforms designed to help professional automotive recyclers gain best-in-class status.

“ARAEF programs have made a positive difference for hundreds of companies both in terms of better business results and in protecting the lives and health of thousands of workers,” said Virginia Whelan, executive director, ARA Educational Foundation. “The ARA University remains committed to the highest quality training programs available - meeting industry needs and complying with all regulatory guidelines. Our honest, straightforward commitment to providing automotive recyclers with the best training solutions at a fair price is only possible with your support. We are asking for our generous community to continue to support our efforts and donate at least one or more catalytic converters a month to support our cost-effective training solutions.”

ARA University (www.arauniversity.org), the ARAEF’s pioneer online training platform, provides the auto recycling industry with training solutions from recognized industry trainers who share valuable information and knowledge. It offers easy access to courses from any Internet-enabled computer allowing for flexible training 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - with 31 courses for recycler training (industry specific), 30 courses on Health, Safety and Compliance and 133 Compliance courses on demand.

Mt. Diablo Recycling Hosts Annual Family Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is not just a once-a-year holiday for Mt. Diablo Recycling (MDR), a division of recycling and resource recovery company Garaventa Enterprises, though it does highlight a reason to celebrate with the Contra Costa County community. MDR’s 2nd Annual Family Earth Day Celebration on April 26 offers free family fun and will feature the announcement of the elementary, middle school and high school winners of their first ever recycling contest.

The family Earth Day Celebration includes a choice between two separate two-hour sessions (10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 3 p.m.) taking place, for free, at the MDR facility located at 1300 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg, Calif. Each session includes a tour of MDR’s 90,000-square-foot recycling facility where participants will learn about the “Big Blue” and “Big Wall-e” recycling machines, an interactive education lesson about the 5 R’s (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Respect-Recover), recycling games, and a take home craft. Families can also take pictures with the Recycling Guy and with recycling trucks.

Before the start of the second session, the winners of MDR’s first ever Recycling Contest will be announced. First, second and third place winners in each category will receive cash prizes ranging from $50 to $500 live at MDR, and their winning projects will be displayed.

“There is no better time than Earth Day to share our passion for recycling and recovery with the entire community,” said Joseph Garaventa, MDR’s chief executive officer. “In 2014, we are extending our education efforts among area youth to kindle a groundswell of even more recycling and recovery behavior throughout Contra Costa County.

N.Y. Used Auto Parts Dealer Acquires Two Industry Memberships 

A & P Auto Parts, a used auto parts dealer and vehicle dismantler in New York, has become a member of Team Premium Recycled Parts (Team PRP) and the Automotive Recycler’s Association (ARA) to solidify its position as New York’s most dependable auto parts recycling company.

Becoming a member of Team PRP confirms that A & P Auto Parts is serious about offering jaw-dropping affordability, full-scale stocking and a degree of convenience that’s unheard of in the automotive industry. As a member of Team PRP, A & P Auto Parts joins an exclusive group of used parts dealers throughout the country that believe in independent ownership, zero surprises, superior warranties and quote guarantees. Every Team PRP member meets ISO 9000 standards and shares regional and national inventories of quality-assured parts. This is how Team PRP members are able to deliver parts quicker than non-members.

“As a member of Team PRP, we’re now able to meet the needs of our customers quicker than ever,” said William Abold, president of A & P Auto Parts. “While Team PRP membership helps keep our customers happy, ARA membership helps keep the environment happy. With these memberships and our 45-plus years of experience, I believe we really are setting new standards for used auto part dealers that operate in New York and beyond its borders.”

The ARA membership Abold mentioned is designed to uplift efforts to minimize waste while ensuring product quality. As a member, A & P Auto Parts uses eco-friendly harvesting practices to deliver what ARA refers to as “green recycled parts,” which, according to ARA, “are good for the environment, good for your vehicle, and good for your wallet.” ARA also states that people who use green recycled parts can save up to 50 percent on the parts they need for automotive repairs.

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