ARA Outraged Over Ford Parts Video

The Automotive Recycling Association (ARA) is considering taking action against Ford Motor Company for its campaign against the use of recycled auto parts. Ford has released a video on its website,, that implies using recycled auto parts in repairs could be dangerous. The video compares fixing a plane with recycled or “junkyard” parts, to the horror of its passengers, to fixing a vehicle with recycled parts. According to a letter written by ARA President Ricky Young, the association is outraged and plans to respond.

The letter stated,

“Dear Fellow Recycler - The automakers have been attacking us for years. However, a misinformation campaign that Ford has just launched is outrageous and serious action must be taken! Developed by Ford, the automaker takes dead aim at the heart of our business. The attack is directed to the consumers’ continued use of the parts we sell. I, along with my colleagues on the Executive Committee, believe ARA’s response must be firm and decisive. The time is now for all of us to come together and fight back.

“ARA is considering several actions which may include a complaint about deceptive or unfair trade practices, and / or other appropriate steps. We have reached out to other stakeholders and industry supports, including a number of insurance companies, auctions and ARA vendors. It is critical that a coordinated and comprehensive strategy take place amongst the industries that are adversely affected by this deceptive campaign.”

ARA is asking members to contribute to the 2015 Automotive Recyclers Defense Fund to help support its response to Ford. Go to

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