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Over the past few years there has been a steady stream of change in the auto recycling industry, as well as the publishing industry. Many of you reading this have worked tirelessly to make changes in your business in an attempt to meet the challenges of the economic condition we all face. None of us can rely on a business model that sustained our bottom line in the past. The digital technologies that affect our businesses have produced profound effects and have demanded we all take a step back to assess how to maximize this very powerful market channel. With an economy that is flat at best and with all the changes in our industry, there are challenges but there are also opportunities. In an attempt to help our clients and readers take advantage of these we are making some material changes.

• The company ownership has changed and The Locator is now owned by Colonial Properties, Inc. There have also been changes within the management team as well. With these changes come new ideas, an invigorated emphasis on our mission to inform, entertain and assist in the sale of our customers’ goods and products.

• The Locator Magazine is redesigned. The cover changed, starting with the May 2012 issue, to represent a more updated look. The October 2012 issue reflects the considerable work the editorial and creative staff have invested to redesign the product. The paper quality is upgraded from newsprint to a higher-quality matte gloss, which gives the user a better reading experience, including more visually appealing advertisements to catch their attention.

• The digital landscape is continually changing and we are changing with it. A new, redesigned web site will go live probably as you are reading this. The new site is an improvement on how articles, news, events and company directories are displayed. Visitors will see an improved search function for your company listing and mapping to your location(s). The parts search also has an improved search speed. With much improved search engine optimization, we anticipate materially-increased traffic,which puts your advertisements in front of more eyes.

• The name of the parts search is changing from Part-Spot to Parts Locator. We feel this naming convention is more recognizable to people looking for parts and will improve the Internet search engines’ ability to locate the site, thus increasing traffic and generating more sales.

Stacy Phillips, Andy Lemrick, Sean Kvidera & Erin Sandage 

Stacy Phillips, Andy Lemrick, Sean Kvidera & Erin Sandage


All the changes we have made to our products and processes over the last six months were designed and intended to keep pace with our changing market. We will continue to work diligently to deliver value to our clients; we hope that you see the value as well.

Over the past 55 years, The Locator has strived to play a beneficial role in helping our customers with the process of selling their products and services. The Locator has provided information to the industry that we hope has been informative and at times entertaining. That mission hasn’t changed, however the methods in which we fulfill that promise has.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think and ways in which we can improve upon these changes, we are and will be in a continual state of change … just like the market we serve.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you as a current or past customer and reader.
The Locator Team

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