Midwest Collision Center Replaces Place Every Light With LED Lights

Midwest Collision Center Inc., located in Kalamazoo, Mich., announced a major “green initiative” to replace its fluorescent lighting with LED lighting from Green Universal Solutions Co. (GUSCO). Midwest Collision Center is the first automotive body repair center in Michigan to make the change to replace every light with LED lighting.

“Besides being responsible in ‘going green’ with LED, you get so many advantages, better light, brighter light, tremendous savings in the amount of energy used, the cost of the energy, replacement and maintenance costs with some of the LED lighting having an L70 rating of 200,000 hours,” said Ed Schippers, co-owner of Midwest Collision.“It’s also great to be the first auto body center in Michigan to replace every light both inside and outside our shop with LED - from the emergency exit signs, the parking lot floods, office, shop lighting, wall packs and more - even the lighting in our sign out front,” he added.

“It really was a no brainer, a win-win-win for our decision to go LED. We win with all the savings, computed to be over $130,000 during first 10 years based on our current energy bills. Our employees win with better, cleaner, brighter, safer LED light. Our environment wins because when we save energy, we save all the pollutants that happen from creating that electricity.

“I also appreciate the way that Steven Kuivenhoven, energy consultant from GUSCO, approached us, in that he had a conversation, he asked questions, listened to us share how our current lighting was inadequate, he asked for copies of our energy bills, took numerous light readings throughout the shop, then his findings were submitted and a proposal was created by the engineers at GUSCO. He then shared the proposal with us. It was very complete with all data we needed to make a decision,” continued Schippers.

Joe Brule, co-owner of Midwest Collision further stated, “the cars themselves are being equipped with more and more LEDs. You’re starting to see LEDs everywhere. Now was simply the best time to upgrade for many reasons including the uncertainty about future electric rates. Consumers Energy supports the upgrade with an incentive and additionally because GUSCO was able in their design to cut our energy 76 percent we will, according to our company accountant, be eligible for a 179D tax deduction.”

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