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The Locator Magazine has helped auto recyclers sell used auto and truck parts since 1957. The Locator believes in this industry - which generates $22 billion in sales per year, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) - and is a strong proponent of the use of recycled auto parts in as many collision and mechanical repairs as possible. It’s an easy decision to make. Recycled auto parts save money, time and are an environmentally-sound purchase.

Cost Savings

The cost savings of using recycled auto parts is the most visible advantage for the consumer. Recycled parts can be drastically cheaper than a new OEM part, sometimes 50 to 60 percent less. Engines and transmissions are big cost savers. For example, a new engine may cost $10,000 from a dealership, whereas an auto recycler may sell it for around $2,500, a $7,500 potential savings. Sheet metal is also a money saver - when found in the same color as the vehicle being repaired - since it doesn’t have to be painted.

But beyond the major repairs, there are also many smaller parts that when bought used, can add up to huge savings for the vehicle owner. For example fuel pumps can sometimes save several hundred dollars, especially fuel pumps off of newer vehicles. Wheels are also a much cheaper solution used, compared to new. For example, a used wheel for a 2011 Honda Accord many cost $85 to $250, whereas new, would run $425 to more than $500.

Reduce Cycle Time

Today’s auto recycling facilities run just like an OEM or aftermarket parts store. Reputable auto recyclers have their parts washed, tagged and ready for delivery as soon as the phone rings. Many facilities deliver the same day and ship almost as fast.

Recycled auto parts are also dismantled as full assemblies, an added time-saving advantage. For example, when an auto recycler sells a front end, they sell the entire assembly. This cuts down cycle time because many repairers agree than an entire assembly is easier to install than to just replace a couple small parts on it.

Painting time is reduced or eliminated with the use of recycled parts. Sheet metal can be bought in the same color as the repair vehicle, as well as side view mirrors. The paint job alone on for a door can be days, including cure time, besides costing your customer extra hundreds of dollars.

Recycled auto parts are OE parts. They are the exact same parts that dealerships sell, only used. So, they fit just like an OE part, also reducing cycle time.


Buying used parts is just the right thing to do. Recycling auto and truck parts saves the natural resources and energy, i.e. manufacturing steel, used to produce new parts. According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) more than 16.3 million tons of automotive scrap was recycled at a rate of 92.5 percent in 2012 - the equivalent of 11.5 million automobiles.

Automotive recycling also reduces the demand for landfill space. Each year approximately 95 percent of vehicles retired from use are processed for recycling. The recycling of these vehicles saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil that would have been used in the manufacturing of new or replacement parts. Additional energy and resource conservation is realized by recycling rebuildable “core” parts to the automotive parts rebuilding industry, according to ARA.

The stereotypical “junkyard” is becoming a thing of the past. Automotive recyclers must abide by stringent local and national regulations about pollution and storm water management. National and state associations have also instituted their own programs to hold members to a higher environmental standard, like ARA’s Certified Auto Recycler (CAR) and Gold Seal programs.

Auto recyclers are true stewards for the environment. They have voluntarily removed mercury switches from vehicles before they can contaminate the groundwater. They install waste oil furnaces for renewable heat. Many recycled their packaging, use natural lighting, low-flow plumbing, have a paperless office and the list goes on.

Why buy new when used will do?

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