ARA Calls On Automakers To Release VINs Of All Vehicles With Takata Airbags

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has called on automakers to publicly release a comprehensive list of vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and their airbag serial numbers for all vehicles with Takata airbags.
“For decades, the professional automotive recycling industry has sought original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part numbers from automakers to unequivocally identify automotive parts from total loss and end-of-life vehicles. Regrettably, the automakers have been unwilling to voluntarily provide this important safety information to the professional automotive recycling industry and others - unlike Europe where the automakers are mandated to do so,” stated the association.
In the last Congress, the full House of Representatives passed a provision by Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois that required auto manufacturers to provide automotive recyclers with parts data on all parts as they do for other segments of the automotive service and repair industries. The final legislation, passed by Congress as part of the highway bill and signed by President Obama, made some progress requiring important safety information, but only for recalled parts. Representative Kinzinger has introduced legislation in this Congress that would require motor vehicle manufacturers to provide the part numbers and serial numbers specific to each VIN for all vehicles to improve automotive safety and consumer protection, ARA stated. This comprehensive parts data could help identify future NHTSA recalls that may be in an automotive recycler’s inventory.
“However, if auto manufacturers are serious about remedying recall and safety issues, they would be providing this information without being forced to legislatively,” the association stated.
ARA has also urged NHTSA to fast track its rulemaking to specifically spell out auto manufacturers’ recall parts data requirements under the 2015 highway bill.
“ARA representatives have met numerous times with NHTSA leadership and staff to provide technical assistance on the complexities of part identification in the automotive parts supply chain. ARA urges NHTSA to require automakers to provide electronic digital data on part names, part descriptions and part numbers tied to specific VIN numbers so professional automotive recyclers can efficiently identify automobile manufacturers’ defective parts. Again, if auto manufacturers are serious about safety and getting their defective parts off of the market, they would be voluntarily providing this data.”
Read how one Florida auto recycler is taking steps to remove Takata airbags from vehicles at his facility and is urging others in the industry to do the same in the next issue of the Locator UpFront.

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