Why Buy Used Parts?

Numerous Benefits & Substantial Savings

David Gold, Standard Auto Wreckers, Toronto, Ontario

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The used auto part and the benefits associated with its reuse help reduce costs for all stakeholders which is vital for a healthy economy.

After it was decided that I would write on this topic I called up a colleague of mine, Howard Schwartz of Dix Automotive Recyclers Inc. in Lincoln Park, Mich., to get his insights. Howard, an experienced writer and professional automotive recycler, fuelled my fire as he not only knew the issues but also was able to describe them clearly. I knew buying used parts made sense and I was very pleased to write an article about it, but it is key to paint the entire picture about the benefits of used auto parts.

The big picture, as Howard stated, is centered on costs. “The more it costs to drive, the less people will drive and the less accidents and repairs.”

This may be surprising to many that are not fully engaged in the automotive insurance or repair side of our industry but one of the most encouraging solutions that is striving to help change this current trend is that insurance companies have been promoting the value in procuring used auto parts to fix accident vehicles!

Help Reduce Costs

And why wouldn’t insurance companies want to incorporate used OEM auto parts into the repair process? Used parts are cheaper, which allows for an economical repair, where it might have otherwise been deemed a total loss. Why should the cost associated with a claim be inflated with new parts when there are used parts available of the same like kind and quality?

Saving costs = more repairs. “The insurance saves on the price of preowned versus new parts for the repair of vehicles, and saves again in paying for fewer totaled vehicles then if they used new parts alone. The insured saves in a reduced premium allowing more people to drive,” said Howard.

There is a sense that insurance premiums are scaring drivers off the road and therefore the public needs to embrace the idea of cost saving in the repair process. Fostering a system that promotes the most economically appropriate repair is achieved on every insurance accident claim can ensure that we accomplish this goal. Using used auto parts can play an important role in this regard and there should be no reason why they wouldn’t be incorporated into the repair process.

All Vehicles Drive On Used

Unfortunately the word “used” comes with an associated negative stigma, and I for one would like to set the record straight by stating used auto parts are your best bet for most replacement parts on your vehicle. Used auto parts are OEM parts and therefore have superior fit and structural standards then other alternative parts that might otherwise be put on your vehicle.

The quality control systems that auto recyclers utilize are helping to ensure that only the highest quality and tested parts are sold to the market place. Furthermore, our parts come with excellent warranty packages including lifetime warranty options where we will even pay you for the labor to re-install the part if ours fails!

The collision repairer who is an integral part of this process needs to be recognized and appreciated in order for this to work to its full potential. The collision repairer sees certain benefits in used parts due to the fact that the parts are OEM. Collision repairers need to be given incentives to use recycled parts!

Insurance companies are experimenting with new and innovative solutions to reward the collision repairer for using used auto parts. Insurance companies are on board and are taking proactive measures to help foster a commitment to the reuse of used auto parts.

As a member of the progressive auto recyclers’ community, I am here to tell you that our ears are “tuned in” and we want to educate everyone we can on why you should support used parts. We need all stakeholders in the industry to work together on a campaign that ensures they continue to embrace used auto parts and at the same time help to educate the average consumer that there is an alternative to new auto parts.

Go Green, Go Used

As a recycler I can’t stand crushing good useable products because used parts aren’t considered as an option. Nor can I accept the use of our precious natural resources when a used part in not considered. Why should we use so much energy and effort to make new parts only to throw away perfectly good used parts? The reuse of used parts is an automotive recycler’s core function. Help us contribute more effectively. Please email me your thoughts.

David Gold is the owner of Standard Auto Wreckers (www.StandardAutoWreckers.com), a large buyer of used and older vehicles for parts and recycling purposes with locations in Toronto and Niagara Falls, N.Y. David can be reached by phone at 416-286-8686 or via e-mail at david@standardautowreckers.com.

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