Auto Data Direct Expands NMVTIS Services

Auto Data Direct, Inc., (ADD) released that it has been tapped by the state of Tennessee as its authorized agent for certain industries to comply with a new state regulation requiring the reporting of the purchase of salvage vehicles to the state and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS.) The new state statute, T.C.A. 55-3-202, became effective on July 1, 2016. Scrap metal processors, secondary metal recyclers, auto recyclers, dismantlers, and used motor vehicle parts dealers must report within 24 hours of purchase through ADD’s electronic, web-based system. ADD was contracted to provide a similar service by the state of Georgia in 2012.

In 2009, ADD became the first Department of Justice approved provider of NMVTIS title history reports for consumers. In 2011 it was the first company approved to act as a consolidator of vehicle information submitted by industries that handle salvage and total loss vehicles and are required to report to the federal database. While ADD serves reporting industries throughout the nation, its contract with Tennessee and Georgia allow those affected businesses to fulfill both state and federal requirements with a single submission of vehicle information.

NMVTIS is a U.S. Department of Justice program that came about as a result of government efforts to protect states and consumers from vehicle-related fraud. The federal database contains state title data and records from businesses who handle salvage and total loss vehicles. Prior to purchasing a vehicle, NMVTIS allows consumers to search for information on key indicators of a vehicle’s value and safety. NMVTIS title data includes current state of title and date of issue, previous titles reported by jurisdictions, and odometer readings recorded when the titles were issued. Consumers can find information on brands applied to the vehicle such as ‘flood’ that affect its value. And, if the vehicle has been reported as a total loss by industry members submitting data, NMVTIS gives the savvy buyer a heads up before they waste their money on a potentially unsafe vehicle.

In 2015 ADD launched the consumer-focused as part of an effort to educate the car-buying public about the availability and importance of NMVTIS information. allows consumers to run a single vehicle inquiry using the vehicle identification number (VIN) without a subscription. Reports are $4.95 and include all of the information available to the public in the NMVTIS database.

For more information on ADD’s web-based NMVTIS reporting services or email

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