Auto Groups Write Open Letter To President Trump

Seven auto groups, representing nearly 10 million jobs in the United States, posted an open letter to President Trump urging his administration to avoid imposing additional tariffs on imported autos and parts.

The letter, posted to in mid-July, stated, “Raising tariffs on autos and auto parts would be a massive tax on consumers who buy or service their vehicles - whether imported or domestically produced. These higher costs will inevitably lead to declining sales and the loss of American jobs, as well as increasing vehicle service and repair costs that may result in consumers delaying critical vehicle maintenance.”

               The seven groups who have come together to support the letter are:

The letter also urged the Trump Administration to grow U.S. exports, “We share your commitment to producing more auto jobs, affordable vehicles and technological leadership. To reach these goals, we urge the Administration to take steps that strengthen the U.S. auto industry and create American jobs by growing U.S. exports. This is the winning formula for continuing the resurgence of our auto industry, and we look forward to partnering with you to accomplish these shared goals.”

The entire letter can be read at

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