Reveals the Best States for Car Enthusiasts revealed the best states for car enthusiasts. While Virginia may be the state for lovers, it didn't make the top-ten list for car lovers. One may think states in the Southeast would be first to the finish line with a truckload of stock-car racing fans, but it was the Midwest that accelerated to the top. 

To measure which states had the most avid car aficionados, the personal finance website compared three factors for all 50 states and the District of Columbia: (1) per capita spending on vehicles and parts, (2) concentration of auto dealers and (3) concentration of parts stores relative to the size of the adult population. These components and the average rankings were used to determine the top-ten states overall. 

Based on the criteria, South Dakota revved into the number one spot. The state ranked second in all categories: per capita spending, concentration of new and used auto dealers and concentration of auto parts stores. Nebraska was the runner-up with the third-highest rate of per capita spending on automotive products and concentration of auto dealers relative to its adult population. 

Top States for Automotive Enthusiasts 

  1. South Dakota 
  2. Nebraska 
  3. Vermont 
  4. Wyoming 
  5. Maine (tie) 
  6. North Dakota (tie) 
  7. Montana 
  8. New Hampshire 
  9. Iowa 
  10. Arkansas 


While everyone may not be a car enthusiast, consumers should tune their auto budgets. To manage these costs - try to avoid letting your car loan outlive your vehicle, try not to accept the cost of a car at face value, and be sure to compare offers on car loans. 

For more tips and to view the complete ranking of states with full methodology, visit

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