New Front Plate Display Option For Classic Cars

For numerous reasons, 31 states and Washington DC, require all vehicles to display both front and rear license plates. And that has many groups upset due to the limited number of options available to them. 

Car enthusiasts, for example, who bought, or even admire, a vehicle for its special unique features, whether it's a classic car, a luxury high-end model, or has a distinctively designed front grille, often cringe thinking about bolting a license plate to the front end.  Those who buy classic cars, spend significant money on restoring it – perfecting the paint job and finding the exact front grille and vintage bumper – and cannot bring themselves to drill holes in their newly restored piece of art simply to obey the law of displaying a front license plate.  

Even some state officials, including Texas Rep. Matt Shaheen, Texas Sen. Pat Fallon, and Ohio Rep. Anthony DeVitis, pleaded their cases this year in their respective states that front license plates devalue vehicles and their resale value. 

"Buying a vehicle produced for Ohio with a front license bracket could result in a lower resale value for those consumers," DeVitis told lawmakers in June 2017, according to "It's an economic burden for the Ohio consumer in more ways than one." 

Zach Doran, president of the Ohio Automotive Dealers Association, states the simple fact that more technology is stored in the front bumper, which includes parking sensors, cameras and adaptive cruise control, making drilling into the front bumper more challenging, "When the state is requiring that dealers drill into the front bumpers, it's a lot more like drilling into a computer than drilling into a piece of metal." 

So law abiding car enthusiasts are faced with the choice of vandalizing their cars, or breaking the law – until now. 

Con Plates, a new innovative startup based in San Antonio, TX – a front plate state – has the solution car lovers have been looking for.  A patent-pending design that safely encloses the front license plate in a secure case that simply suctions to the front passenger-side windshield.  In the final stage of a three-year research and development process, Con Plates is designed with the best materials to ensure driver safety, while also meeting the majority of states' legal plate display requirements. 

Con Plates is also the fastest and most convenient solution for car dealers and other businesses that require cross-state travel. 

Expected to launch later this year, Con Plates will be available to purchase online at 

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